Welcome to Ethos, Boston College's Student Bioethics Research Journal.

The Spring 2007 issue of Ethos has arrived! We are excited to present this edition's pieces, as they cover a large spectrum of issues, all derived from the theme of "Biopolitics and Health Law." The links are available on this page to the various articles from the 2007 issue and small biographies of the contributors can be found on the "Contributors" page. Links to last year's issue can be found on the "Archive" page. We encourage you to read the articles and to reflect on their debates; each author underwent a rigorous research and editing process that has culminated in this publication and we hope that you will enjoy their work.

Also, the 30th Annual Bioethics Conference, held Saturday, February 10, 2007 on the Boston College Main Campus was a success! Professor Einer R. Elhauge of Harvard Law School and Director of the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics was our keynote speaker, followed by various student and faculty speakers who addresses a wide range of topics relating to "Biopolitics and Health Law." The conference was attended by members Boston College community, as well as many other universities and communities. The Bioethics Committee would like to thank all of those that helped in the preparation and planning of this event and those that attended in order to make the day such a success.


Julie Bulman

Sarah Catalano,
Cariana Loehr,
Kathryn MacKenzie,
Clare Murphy,
Jess Murphy
   Senior Editors

Damien Croteau-Chonka
   Production Editor