Welcome to the inaugural edition of Boston College’s bioethics journal Ethos! This publication was first conceived in October 2005 as a way to further the discussions initiated at the annual Boston College Bioethics Conference. We hope the submissions heighten awareness, stimulate reflection and critical thinking, and inspire conversation on both the featured topics and bioethical issues in general. Bioethics is truly interdisciplinary in that addresses the ethical, social, legal, theological, and philosophical issues arising in biotechnology, biological sciences, and healthcare. We feel it is imperative to encourage dialogue on such subjects, as past experiences and current norms may be insufficient to solve the consequences of ever-advancing biotechnology.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who made this journal possible, supported and advocated our vision, and improved the quality of Ethos. We are very grateful for your time, energy, and relentless commitment!

Special thanks to: BC Mendel Society; BC Office of Marketing Communications especially Noah Kuhn, Jeanne Williams, and Ben Birnbaum; Ethos Academic Advisors: Dr. Clare O’Connor, Dr. Laura E. Hake, and Professor Donald Plocke, SJ; Dr. Daniel Kirschner, Professor Pamela Grace, Jeanne Zimmerman, and all of the writers.


Margaux Munnelly

Julie Bulman, Sarah Catalano, Michael DiSiena, and Melanie McNally
Senior Editors