Ethos, Boston College’s bioethics research journal, was founded in October 2005 by five members of BC’s Mendel Society: Julie Bulman (Arts & Sciences ’08), Sarah Catalano (Arts & Sciences ’09), Michael DiSiena (Arts & Sciences ’06), Melanie McNally (Arts & Sciences ’06), and Margaux Munnelly (Arts & Sciences ’06). The journal published its first issue in the summer of 2006, featuring research articles written by Boston College, Boston University, and Providence College students. The aim of Ethos is to increase awareness, discussion, and reflection on bioethical issues. The publication provides a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship by encouraging the exchange of ideas regarding contemporary bioethical topics. The journal’s undergraduate editors read and assess all submissions and select the papers that best reflect the goals of the journal, follow the submission guidelines, and possess the highest quality of scholarship. Faculty members are consulted for their evaluations of the submissions to assist the editors in the selection process.

Ethos is published on-line following the Bioethics Conference held annually at Boston College in late February. For back issues, see the Archives.