Welcome to Ethos, Boston College's Student Bioethics Research Journal.

We are happy to announce that the 32nd Annual Bioethics Conference was held at Boston College Higgins Hall Saturday, February 14, 2008. Our speakers included Dr. Kee Chan of Boston University's College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as our keynote, our own Dr. Pamela Grace of the Boston College School of Nursing as well as student speakers undergraduate and graduate programs from the Boston , who addressed a wide range of topics relating to "Bioethics 2020: A Vision into the Future." This year's conference was our best attended yet and we would like to thank those that participated in the day for their time and interest as well as those involved in its planning.

In conjunction with the Bioethics Conference, we are pleased to present to you the Summer 2009 issue of Ethos, focusing on "Cultural Considerations of Healthcare." Though funding has not yet allowed for a hard copy to be printed and distributed, we hope you will enjoy the links on this page to the various articles selected for our 2009 issue. Short biographies of the contributors can be found on the Contributors page, while links to previous volumes can be found on the Archives page. We hope that the issues as presented in the articles encourage reflection and discussion; the authors have invested their time and energy into delivering a thorough presentation of their topics and we hope that you will enjoy their work.


Sarah Catalano

Philip Eliades, Rikesh Gandhi, Kathryn MacKenzie, Carolyne Riehle
Senior Editors