Killington/Pico 2007

On January 26-28, 2007 BC Law took it to the slopes up in Killington, VT. Over 100 BC Law students made it up for what promises to be an annual winter tradition. Almost all made it out to the slopes (among them several first timers), and there was plenty of great snow to carve. The apres ski saw plenty of people hitting the hot tubs, enjoying a few beverages by the fires in their condos, and then making a few late night trips to all of Killington's famous ski bars, including The Wobbly Barn and The Pickle Barrell.

So what if one condo got flooded, another got lit on fire, and the shuttle bus that picked us up at 2AM from the Wobbly Barn in 5 degree weather ended up dropping us off right back at the Wobbly Barn 10 minutes later - the weekend was a blast and nobody can argue with that. You can watch the movie of the weekend (Windows Media format) by clicking here (right click to download)
PHOTOS from the 2007 LSA Sports Ski Trip (1/26/2007-1/28/2007):
Dina and Leslie Nadia and Stacey's skiing was incredible... ...too bad their cooking ended up bringing the fire department.
Dina, Mike, Colm going to the top of the mountain Sean Phelan was a monster pretty much all day on the slopes. Sarah and Leslie
Marcela, Michel, Scott, Sean, Emily, and Sean on the top of Pico. Michel, Scott and Josh getting cocky about it. Dan Parames + first trip skiing = many crashes, lots of fun.
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