2007 BC Law vs. BU Law "Beantown Shootout"

On October 4, 2007 BC Law and BU Law will once again face off in the Beantown Shootout in what promises to be a heated battle. Rumor has it that athletic ability will be a leading factor in the US News and World Report 2008 law school rankings, so it need not be emphasized how important this game is between the two schools. And, as if that wasn't enough, all proceeds from the game benefit the public interest law funds at both BU Law and BC Law. These public interest funds provide crticial funding for stipends to law students who take public interest legal jobs during thier summers.

Following the game, and to show that thier sportsmanship is just as good as their legal ability, students from both schools will be heading to a joint bar review event.

2006 Results
On October 5, 2006 BC Law took on BU Law in the 2006 Beantown Shootout. The game was a great success, with loud fans, sweaty professors, and plenty of money raised for BU Law's PIP fund and BC Law's PILF fund.

BC Law went all out, holding an 80 person play-in tournament to cherry pick "the best of the best of the best," and the strategy worked - BC Law delivered for its fans with a 69-46 victory. Congratulations go to Brian Wong, Nick Dunn, Tony Benningfield, Tim Monahan, Scott Kleekamp, Tommy Noonan, Leslie Schmidt, Mark Defeo, Daniel Artiano, Erin Anderson, Professor Kent Greenfield, and Dave Holtzmuller for thier winning performance. Simon Burce (back) and Greg Burnett (broken nose) also were on the team, but had to watch from the sidelines as they were injured during the play-in tournament.
PHOTOS from the 2006 "Beantown Shootout" (10/5/2006):
PHOTOS from BC Law's 10/1/06 play-in tournament for the "Beantown Shootout":
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