Graduate Accounting Students Association (GASA)

of the Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management


The GASA's mission is to sponsor professional development and interaction, to represent the MSA student body, to provide alumni networking, and to promote social interaction among MSA students of the Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management. The GASA does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, political orientation, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Organizational Structure

The GASA Executive Board will consist of a President, a Vice President of Academics, a Vice President of Alumni Relations, a Vice President of Communications, a Vice President of Events, a Vice President of External Relations, and a Vice President of Finance. In addition, general members will be appointed to be chairpersons for individual events as deemed necessary. The duration of each Executive Board shall be from the appointment of the members of the Executive Board in the Fall semester to the end of the Summer term.

Executive Board Meetings

There will be an Executive Board meeting at least once every calendar month whereby all members of the Executive Board are required to attend. The purpose of the meeting is, but is not limited to, for each member to participate in the planning and budgeting of GASA events, address outstanding issues, and to report their progress to the entire Board. If any member cannot attend the meeting, it is the responsibility of the absent member to ensure that appropriate arrangements be made for assigning their responsibility temporarily to another member of the Executive Board for the duration of the meeting. It is also the responsibility of the absent member to ensure that all their progress updates be made by the temporary assigned member. The temporary assigned member will also have the authority to make decisions for the absent member at the meeting.

GASA Faculty Advisor and Program Administrators

The GASA Faculty Advisor (Advisor) will be an MSA faculty member selected by members of the Executive Board. The term of the Advisor will begin early in the Fall term when such position is appointed by the Executive Board and will terminate in the following Fall term after the next Executive Board is elected and before the new Board elects a new Advisor. The Advisor will assist and advise Executive Board members to ensure smooth execution of GASA's goals and events. The Advisor will attend at least one Board meeting every calendar month.

The GASA Program Administrators (Program Administrators) will include the existing MSA Program Director and the MSA Department Chairperson. Program Administrators will work with the Board to advise, address, and resolve GASA administrative issues. Program Administrators are encouraged, but not required, to attend Board meetings. Program Administrators will be informed of GASA progress through meeting notes and regular updates from the President.

The Advisor and the Program Administrators are responsible for electing members of the Executive Board during the beginning of each Fall. See Article IV for details of the election procedure. In addition, both the Advisor and the Program Administrators will facilitate the transition of the newly elected Executive Board.