Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review: Student Discount for Full Time Boston College students

Working together with the Carroll School of Management administration, The Graduate Accounting Students Association (GASA) is pleased to announce that it has established an Academic Site License with Gleim CPA Review. What this means is that as a full time student at Boston College, you can order the Gleim CPA Review material (books, software, on-line course, and audio) at a substantial discount (up to 50%, depending on what you order).

How to take advantage of this?
Method 1: call Gleim at (800) 874-5346. Tell the staff you are a full time Boston College student. Upon verification of your student status, you may place the order.

Method 2: go to, click CPA Review, then go to Student Discount from the left hand column. Select Massachusetts and click on Boston College. Then follow the instructions from there.

Other Gleim materials that will be available to students for free are:
> Complimentary copy of Gleim CPA Review: A System for Success booklets. Status: Coming soon.
> Test prep software available for students' use at school's computers. Status: Coming soon.
> Audio tapes containing lectures which will be available to check out for limited time use. Status: Coming soon.

Please be aware that you will NOT be eligible for this program after your graduation.

Please check GASA's website periodically for the most up to date information. The address is then click on Resources on the top. We will post on the website the most up-to-date status of the free Gleim materials.


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