Hall Talks

FACES Hall Talks program aims to engage the general student of Boston College on issues of race and racism at and within the United States. From the lounges within residence halls to the large capacity classrooms, FACES Hall Talks brings students from all across campus together to convene and discuss these issues in an informal group setting. By engaging students in facilitated dialogue on a variety of issues across campus, Hall Talks hopes to stimulate awareness of the critical issues that shape the way people conceptualize race. Participating in Hall Talks motivates students to further challenge their perception of race as well as their perceptions of the people around them. This year, Hall Talks is also hosting discussions with the Multicultural Learning Experience (MLE) floor in CLFX twice a semester!

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Past Hall Talks

The Price of Beauty and Brains: Thursday, October 11, 2012

The rising suicide rate among South Korean youth has generated concern about the reasoning behind these tragedies. "Korean High School", a documentary by high schooler Kelly Katzenmeyer, explores the academic rigor and expectations that high school students in South Korea face. Along with this pressure, students are faced to conform to one standard of beauty--tall, thin, and pale. 

FACES will show a short clip of this documentary, and then lead a discussion about where these pressures in South Korean society stem from and how they are relatable to American culture.


Coded Language: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Have you ever wondered what the current political rhetoric refers to?
Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind certain words utilized in media and politics?

The FACES Hall Talk department presents an open, facilitated dialogue geared towards uncovering the coded language politicians employ. We will discuss the intersections of these underlying messages and the racial implications that consequently arise. 


What's Your Flavor? How Does Interracial Dating Taste to You: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Come join FACES for an open discussion on the nuances and complications of interracial dating! This event will feature a student panel consisting of current BC students, who have been or are currently in an interracial relationship. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to the experiences of their fellow classmates, as well as ask questions of their own! After, we will engage in an open dialogue on the benefits and difficulties of dating outside your race, and how mixed couples are received here at BC and in the greater community.

The panelists include: Dan Ariel, Brandon Ford, Ashley Nguyen, Nicole Snow, Natali Soto, and Connor Sullivan! 


Third and Long: The History of African Americans in Pro Football, April 4, 2013

A look at racial integration in the U.S. and the struggle African Americans faced to break barriers in professional football and the National Football League. This Hall Talk will include a 45 minute preview of the 2011 NFL Network documentary Third and Long: The History of African Americans in Pro Football, as well as a Q&A session with director and executive producer Theresa Moore. Mark Duella, BC '62, will also share the story of Lou Montgomery, a star running back in the late 1930's who faced segregation and discrimination as an African American player here at BC. 

For more information about the documentary: http://thirdandlong.tv/
For more information about Mark's efforts to honor Lou Montgomery:
http:// www.loumontgomerylegacy.com /


Freedom of Choice: Whose Choice Is It?, April 11, 2013

From slavery to present day, the bodies and reproductive decisions of women of color have been co-opted by the American government.

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