FACES First Year Program


Applications are now open for the First Year Program (FYP), FACES's freshmen mentorship program! Please apply HERE by MIDNIGHT on September 20th!

Mission Statement: "FACES’ First Year Program (FYP) aims to create a community through which freshmen build lasting relationships with upperclassmen and one another. Through FYP members will engage in conversations about issues of race, racism, and social justice. FYP provides a forum for freshmen to challenge and/or affirm their beliefs, reflect on personal experience, and begin to explore their own racial identities."

FYP challenges first year students to address the notions of race that they have been exposed to through the environment in which they have lived. Students in FYP will explore issues of identity, the realities of racism, and institutionalized systems of privilege in the United States. Through constructive dialogue, sharing experiences in a group setting, and cooperating with their peers in the program, FYP will work through these issues and make a positive impact on the Boston College community. The work that students do in FYP is intended to motivate them to pursue leadership roles within and beyond Boston College. Through FYP, we aim to provide first year students with a positive educational foundation from which they will be able to further their knowledge and understanding about the racialized systems that affect their reality. Possible discussion topics include: race at BC, insitutional racism, halloween costumes, interracial dating, race in Disney, hip-hop culture, standards of beauty, and many more!

Every student in the FYP program will be paired with a mentor, an upperclassman and member of FACES Council. The role of the mentor is to help ease the college transition in academic and extra-curricular areas, as well as navigating the social scene and breaking racial barriers at Boston College.


What did former participants say about the program?


"I loved FYP for the mere fact that there were so many great minds in one room willing to discuss topics that people usually feel uncomfortable talking about and stray away from. I also thought it was amazing that it was a wide variety of people attending the meetings in terms of race/ethnicity/religion." - Jerome Wright, A&S '15

"FYP was a fundamental part of my freshmen experience, both for the content of the program, and the relationships I formed because of it. It opened my eyes to things I had never considered, and cultivated my passion for these kinds of issues. Some of the greatest people I've ever known I met though FYP." - Nanci Fiore-Chettiar, A&S '15, GSSW '16

"I liked the space to talk with other transitioning freshmen about diversity on campus. FYP was a good way to meet new people and get involved in the BC community." - Cameron McEwen, A&S '15

"FYP was intellectually stimulating, and a great opportunity to passionately discuss important questions and make friends." - Sadat Donkor, A&S '15

"I loved having a peer mentor coach me through issues of race while simultaneously giving me the support I needed in my first year at BC. The small group setting of mentors and mentees created a comfortable and open community that was able to talk with one another about contentious topics rather than talk down or talk at one another." - Sarah Schmidt, A&S '16

"It is the perfect outlet to discuss issues of race and racism without judgement, and know that their are upperclassmen who are there to support you." - Rachel McKnight, A&S '16

How Can You Get Involved?

- Participate in our next Hall Talk!

- Ask us to present for/ provide Anti-Racism Training at your next club or organization's event, retreat, or meeting!

- Get Involved with our First Year Program or Dialogues on Race!

- Come to our Events!

- Contact us about difficult questions you have been processing or thinking about!

- Ask us for a copy of our Council's Summer booklist or other intellectual resources!

- Send us your ideas, suggestions, or comments!