Dialogues On Race

In conjunction with the Office of AHANA Student Programs (OASP), the Office of Residential Life & the Office for Institutional Diversity (OID), Dialogues on Race (DOR) will serve as a forum for sophomores, juniors and seniors to dialogue in a safe and comfortable environment about their experiences within the context of BC and in their lives in general. Students in the program will work closely with others and their leaders to create a safe, fun, and inviting atmosphere to grow, learn, and speak to one another about their experiences with race. Participating in DOR motivates students to challenge their perceptions of race, their own identities, their interactions with others, and equips each participant with the tools to continue to grow and challenge themselves and others in constructive and creative ways after the program ends.

DOR sessions will consist of six weekly meetings and will end with an action project aimed at expanding the conversation outside of the group. Participating students will meet once a week for two hours with the same group. The six weekly sessions each focus on a different topic including institutional racism, race at BC, and race in the media. All discussions are led by trained student facilitators.

Week 1: Defining Race, Racism, and Privilege
Week 2: Race at Boston College
Week 3: Institutionalized Racism
Week 4: Race and the Media
Week 5: Free Session
Week 6: Action Project



(DOR, Fall 2012 Thursdsay night session group)

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