Rockport Boats

Robert Parker

“I grew up on the North Shore, and on every visit to Rockport I visit the T-Wharf to photograph the boats tied up to its stone walls. The bright reflection caught my eye, and I composed the photo around the ladder and the irregular line-up of the three boats. The image is enhanced by the warm light on the stones, a product of shooting late in the day.”
Robert Parker
graduated from Boston College in 1950. He has exhibited his work in such diverse venues as Farleigh-Dickinson University, the Donnell Library Center in Manhattan, the Donald Palmer Museum, the Venezuelan Consulate in New York City, and St. John's Prep, Danvers, among many others.

“One takes a risk when stating simplicity as a major theme in one’s work. Because what is simple to some may not be so to others. For me, simplicity means a visual purity, and I strive for such purity in my photography. The key to simplicity is isolation. When I isolate an image, it becomes for me more vivid, more real. In some ways, this approach is old-fashioned. It does not try to capture life, with all its inconsistencies, with all its visual contradictions. I do not find there a rationale for life, or for art. Instead, I attempt to find art in a corner of reality, an image that belongs first to itself, and second to the world around it.”