Granada Doorway

Robert Parker

“I found this simple image in the palace of Carlos Quinto, next door to the Alhambra. The light on the wall and steps caught my eye. Immediately afterward, I wondered if I should have posed someone up the steps and out of sight in order to cast a mysterious shadow on the bright wall, but with time I have decided the image does not need that shadow.”

Robert Parker
graduated from Boston College in 1950. He has exhibited his work in such diverse venues as Farleigh-Dickinson University, the Donnell Library Center in Manhattan, the Donald Palmer Museum, the Venezuelan Consulate in New York City, and St. John's Prep, Danvers, among many others.

“One takes a risk when stating simplicity as a major theme in one’s work. Because what is simple to some may not be so to others. For me, simplicity means a visual purity, and I strive for such purity in my photography. The key to simplicity is isolation. When I isolate an image, it becomes for me more vivid, more real. In some ways, this approach is old-fashioned. It does not try to capture life, with all its inconsistencies, with all its visual contradictions. I do not find there a rationale for life, or for art. Instead, I attempt to find art in a corner of reality, an image that belongs first to itself, and second to the world around it.”