The Idea

The Staff

The School

Mission Statement

Epicenters is a journal concerned with connections. This can mean connections between artist and spectator, between one art form and another, between Boston College and the rest of the nation, or even between this nation and the rest of the world. It can be something as individually significant as the memory which a particular poem or image recalls; it can be something as broadly significant as the theme of love, or the failure of love as explored in the form of a short story or film.

Above all, Epicenters is a place designed to challenge the mind and to catalyze the reactions of the soul. We believe that what is seen, read, or heard is not the final stage in the life of a work of art. Art that works, art that really works, continues to expand and, if it is encountered in earnest, creates new epicenters along the way.

To this end, Epicenters seeks to present works of poetry, music, film, fiction, creative non-fiction, painting, and photography that will resonate with human beings.

The staff and artists of Epicenters would like to thank the following people for making this project possible:

Ben Birnbaum
Naomi Blumberg
Paul Dagnello
Cathi Ianno Fournier
Elizabeth Graver
Jeffrey Howe
Noah Kuhn
Paul Mariani
Daniel Viafore