Dry Earth

Karl Cronin and Carl Tashian

"Dry Earth is a series of performances, rituals, routine activities, and reflections highlighting the unique relationship each one of us has with the spaces we inhabit. With this project we are looking to develop an array of activities that provide simple, physical experiences to test, prod, and explore our relationship to space."

Clips from the Dry Earth project can be found here.
Dry Earth Images

Karl Cronin
is an artist interested in how personal physical histories are stored and communicated. Upcoming presentations of his choreography include installation performances at Newcastle University, UK (April) and the Montreal Fringe Festival (June). In addition to his own work, Cronin enjoys performing in the work of other choreographers, and will be touring a Deborah Hay solo adaptation this Spring ("The Runner") as well as performing with the Danny McCusker Dance Company in Boston.

Carl Tashian
is an engineer, designer, writer, and photographer, who creates technology in service to real human goals. He loves to experiment with light and composition, and seeks to convey his experience of places and events in his life through his photography. He has no cats.