The Idea

The Staff

The School


Epicenters, a new online multimedia publication, is intended to serve as a locus of interaction between the various art forms and as a showcase for the creativity of those who have influenced or been influenced by the artistic culture of Boston College (alumni, faculty, staff, students, visitors, etc.). Sponsored by the Boston College Arts Council, the magazine is ambitious in scope, seeking out and exhibiting works of poetry, music, fiction, art, film, and creative non-fiction pertaining to any subject.

New issues of Epicenters will be published biannually, in the winter and spring of each year.

Further guidance and support for Epicenters provided by the Office of Marketing Communications.

Subscriptions to Epicenters are free and are sent via email. To subscribe, please join the Arts Council mailing list.

The staff and artists of Epicenters would like to thank the following people for making this project possible:

Ben Birnbaum
Naomi Blumberg
Paul Dagnello
Cathi Ianno Fournier
Elizabeth Graver
Jeffrey Howe
Noah Kuhn
Paul Mariani
Daniel Viafore