Prospective Members Section

Thank you for your interest in Eagle EMS. We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about our organization and what we do here at Boston College.

If you're already an EMT, fill out an EMT Application. Directions regarding how to submit your application are contained on the first page of the application PDF.

If you are interested in joining Eagle EMS as an Observer, fill out an Observer Application. Directions regarding how to submit your application are contained on the first page of the application PDF.

Below is a list of the commonly asked questions from prospective members about our organization.

How does the application process work?

Applications for the Spring Semester are due by January 25, 2014.

Applications will be screened and processed by January 28, 2014. Interviews will take place January 27 - February 1.

All accepted applicants will be required to attend an Orientation Session that will take place the day of February 8, 2014, attendance is mandatory.

What is an EMT?

In the case of an emergency, medical care must start before the patient enters the hospital. EMS, Emergency Medical Services, provides pre-hospital medical care to those who have serious medical injuries or illness and transport those patients who need more definitive care from a hospital staff. EMS organizations can be publicly or privately operated, and can be paid or volunteer or a combination of both. Generally, EMTs practice at two different levels, basic or paramedic. EMT-Basics provide first aid and basic life support to patients, while EMT- Paramedics provide more advanced care including a wider array of medications and advanced life support measures. Here at Eagle EMS, our EMTs are trained to the EMT-Basic level, which allows us to deal with almost all types of medical and traumatic emergencies. We assist the BCPD and local EMS agencies in providing first response care to the BC campus.

What is Eagle EMS?

Eagle EMS is student-run, all-volunteer, quick response emergency medical service that has served Boston College and the community since 1997. We provide Basic Life Support (BLS) services through the use of highly trained, volunteer EMTs to students, faulty, staff, and visitors of the BC campus. In the past few years we have experienced incredible growth. We are proud to now be able to offer exceptional medical coverage to the BC community by staffing scheduled campus events, as well providing campus-wide coverage from 12pm on Thursday to 4am on Sunday in our vehicle. In addition to providing emergency response to Boston College and the surrounding areas, we also offer training courses and education classes.

What are the requirements of a member of Eagle EMS?

Eagle EMS is open to all students at Boston College who have a desire to help people in their time of need. Students can join the organization as either an EMT or an Observer.
EMT Requirements:

  • To join the organization as an EMT, you must be a certified EMT in any state. We accept certification from all states as well as National Certification.
  • You must also have current AHA Healthcare Provider CPR certification

Observer Requirements:

  • To join the organization as an Observer, you do not need any EMT certification.
  • You must only have current CPR certification, either AHA Healthcare Provider or ARC Professional Rescuer.
    • If you do not have your CPR certification, you may take one of the CPR classes our organization offers at the university and then apply to become a member (information regarding this class may be found on our education page).
  • We also offer EMT-Basic class held each semester on campus, which you can take in order to advance to an EMT title.

If you have any other questions about joining, or about or organization in general, please feel free to e-mail Human Resources.

What is required of me as a member of Eagle EMS?

As a member of Eagle EMS, we have monthly requirements that must be met to remain an "active" member. The requirements are as follows:

  • Work at least 2 events per month or 8 hours (whichever comes first)
    • Note: Only one of said events can be a 420 Vehicle Shift
  • Attend 2 Continuing Education classes per month
  • Note: One of said classes must be a Skills Session
  • Attend all required trainings
  • Attend all monthly general meetings

What types of events does Eagle EMS cover?

Eagle EMS staffs most events on campus where large numbers of people are expected. These types of events include, but are not limited to; football games and other varsity sporting events, clubs sporting events, campus-wide concerts, Marathon Monday as well as many others. We staff these events on foot in crews that are staged throughout the venue and equipped with the necessary materials to proved first response care.

In addition to our foot crews, in early 2012, Eagle EMS acquired a brand-new 2012 Ford Explorer for use as an Emergency Response Vehicle. Eagle EMS became an accredited BLS Agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and certified as a Class 5 Ambulance Service. Our vehicle is equipped with lights, sirens, horns, and all the bells and whistles any emergency vehicle has. The vehicle is stocked with medical supplies that adhere to state regulations, and with this vehicle we are a fully operational 911 response system. Our vehicle is staffed by our members from Thursday to Sunday, the time period in which campus emergencies are most likely. Our vehicle is also used at large scale events such as football game-days and on Marathon Monday.

Our members are also given the opportunity to ride along with Armstrong Ambulance crews on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as they transport patients from campus and the surrounding areas to local hospitals. This is a great way to gain more hands on medical experience as well as gaining insight to the workings of a full service ambulance.

In addition to staffed events, Eagle EMS also offers various member services events. These can be anything ranging from simple movie nights in the office, to a full Thanksgiving dinner before the November break. Member services events are great ways to get to know other students in the organization and have some good off duty fun!

Want to learn more about Eagle EMS?

Still have some questions? We understand that this is a lot of information to process. If you have any other questions our Eagle EMS office located at Suite 254Q Maloney Hall is open from 10-5 every weekday. During those hours you will be able to find an officer that would love to speak with you more about Eagle EMS. Prospective members are welcome to stop by to talk, ask questions, or even just hang out or study! You can also find us at healthapalooza, freshman activity fair, and around campus! We would all be excited to speak with you and tell you more about our program.

Eagle EMS is more than just an emergency response service. Our goal is to also foster relationships between members and create a group of people who can come together through their similar interests. In order to help the new member transition, we have created a Mentor Program which pairs new members with more experienced Eagle EMS members. The mentor serves as a new members personal guide to the ins and outs of Eagle EMS and is available to answer any questions that may come up.

In addition to the Mentor Services program, there are also member services events to help members get acquainted with each other. Eagle EMS tries to offer as much off-duty fun and guidance as possible. Member services events, like movie nights, thanksgiving dinners, and even martial arts classes, serve to make sure that the members of this organization feel as comfortable as possible, and that they are enjoying their time as a member of Eagle EMS!