Continuing Medical Education Classes

Boston College EMS offers many courses to EMTs to fulfill the additional CME requirement by the state, as well as non-EMTs that wish to learn more about a specific area of EMS or medicine. Courses are tailored to common situations that would be encountered on a college campus such as BC and cover a variety of topics, of which a list of potential ones for the Fall of 2014 are listed below. Courses will last between 1 and 3 hours (depending on the class), and EMT students will earn one CME credit per hour.

For all question about CME classes, please contact our Continuing Education Coordinator, at

Fall 2014 Schedule

9/10/2014How to Conquer the QA/QI Committee19:00-20:00Higgins 263
9/18/2014Radio Communications, Vitals, and Equipment Review19:00-21:00Higgins 263
9/17/2014Albuterol and Glucometry 19:00-21:00Higgins 263
9/29/2014Skills Session: Lifting and Moving19:00-21:00Higgins 263
10/4/2014Skill Session: Hockey and Basketball Operations12:00-14:00Conte
10/8/2014Medications: Indications and Protocols19:00-20:00Higgins 263
10/20/2014Psychology of College Students19:00-21:00Higgins 263
10/21/2014Observers Only Training19:00-20:00Higgins 263
10/25/2014Blood and Guts Skills Session: Trauma Assessment12:00-14:00Higgins 263
10/26/2014Ambulance Operations12:00-13:00Higgins 263
10/30/2014Skills Session: SAM splints and board splints19:00-21:00Higgins 263
11/1/2014Skills Session: Medical Scenarios12:00-14:00Higgins 263
11/5/2014Management of Aggressive Behavior19:00-20:00Higgins 263
11/10/2014Illegal Drugs: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment19:00-20:00Higgins 263
11/11/2014Seize the Day: Seizure Management19:00-21:00Higgins 263
11/15/2014Skills session: Splinting and Immobilization12:00-14:00Higgins 263
11/18/2014Working with the Law: BCPD on Scene19:00-21:00Higgins 263
11/19/2014Skills Session: Treatment, Triage, and Transport19:00-21:00Higgins 263
12/4/2014Skills Session: Case Review19:00-12100Higgins 263