Kevin. M Eidt

On January 23rd, 1997, Kevin M. Eidt passed away due to cardiac arrest during an intramural basketball game at Boston College. A member of the honors program and dean’s list, Kevin was not only an exceptional student but also a devoted volunteer and model member of the Boston College community. Boston College EMS was formed later in 1997 with the mission of providing quality, emergency medical care to our campus in an effort to prevent any such tragedy from occurring again. That mission still endures today with the same passion and fervor that prompted its creation fourteen years ago. Each year at Boston College EMS' annual community banquet, the Kevin M. Eidt award is issued as our highest honor. Click here to learn about Kevin's Fund.

About Boston College EMS

On these pages you can find out all about Boston College EMS, and EMS in general at Boston College. Boston College EMS is a division of University Health Serivces consisting of students who volunteer their time for the betterment of the BC community. Boston College EMS members are not paid for the services they provide, and any cost for our service goes directly to supporting the organization as a whole.

Boston College EMS is a student-run, all-volunteer, quick response, emergency medical service that has served the Boston College community since 1997. We provide Basic Life Support (BLS) care, through highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), at numerous school-sponsored events and functions. In addition, we assist the Boston College Police Department in providing EMS coverage to the Boston College Campus during peak hours. We also are responsible for running various training courses in CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Medical Education, and promote EMS awareness and campus safety to the entire university community.