The Eagletarian is a collection of student-submitted articles released every semester.

The Eagletarian Fall 2008 -- Coming Soon!


The Eagletarian Spring 2008 -- Check it out here.

Economic Analysis of Global Warming
--Andrew Straub

Outsourcing: The Present and Future of the Global Economy
--Catherine Lynch

The Economic Impact of HIV-AIDS on Sub-Saharan Africa
--Scott Jelinek

Partial Perspective: The Flaws and Risks of Sanctioning Iran
--Michael Stork

China’s Exchange Rate: Consequences of a Revaluation
--Mona Jaber

An Assessment of India’s Developing Economy
--Meg Commins

Major Trade Issues Facing Italy
--Ai-Chi Chang

The Eagletarian Spring 2007 -- Check it out here.

Microfinance in the Developing World
-- Patrick Behrer

What a Mess!: An Economic Examination of an Apartment’s Personal and Shared Spaces
--Nicole Capobianco

BC Professor Explores Market Inefficiencies
--Cecilia McDonald

Father McGowan Speaks on Gambling
--E. Michael Arnold

Behind the Dreaded Senior Thesis
--Andrew Straub

The WTO: Behind the Tear Gas
--Paul Finell


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