--Andrew Straub
--Paul D'Onfrio

Vice President
--Frank Arabia

--Kevin Walton

--Catherine Lynch

--Vincent Siu

Junior Class Representatives
--Michael Stork
--Ted Cronin

Sophomore Class Representative
--Sam Byrnes

Freshman Class Representatives
--Lisa Berlin
--Sam Hocking

Faculty Advisor
--Kit Baum

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Economics Association is to promote a better understanding of economics, and to further the economics-related knowledge and opportunities available to students interested in economics.  These initiatives are to be achieved through a number of means, including but not limited to the encouragement and facilitation of interactions between students and faculty through regular meetings and a number of social and informational events.  The Economics Association will also strive to provide helpful information for students concerning economics-related internships, post-undergraduate study options, and careers.


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