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About Us


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  Please look out for us at the activities fair and other events on campus.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Emily Nyhan @ nyhane@bc.edu (6-4732)


Who we are...

Best Buddies is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.

Best Buddies Colleges pairs people with intellectual disabilities in one-to-one friendships with college students. Without friends and family, we are alone. In the past, individuals with intellectual disabilities have not had the opportunity to have friends outside of their own environment. By becoming a College Buddy, volunteers offer a Buddy the chance to explore a new way of life.

Best Buddies Colleges is the premise upon which the international organization of Best Buddies began. The mission of Best Buddies Colleges is to provide an opportunity for college students to be matched in a one-to-one friendship with individuals who have intellectual disabilities. Social experiences and relationships are a part of life; unfortunately, individuals with intellectual disabilities have historically been excluded from many of the social opportunities that most people enjoy. By becoming a college buddy, you will not only befriend someone with a developmental disability, but you will also learn about yourself in the process.

College chapters are active on 316 campuses worldwide. Each chapter is a registered student organization on their college campus and is led by a college buddy director.

The College Buddy Director is a student that is willing to organize, lead and maintain a chartered chapter of Best Buddies for the duration of one academic year.



BC BB Officers

Co-President Emily Nyhan nyhane@bc.edu 617.656.4732
Activities Coordinator Christine Choe choech@bc.edu 617.655.4907
Treasurer Sarah Conaghan conaghan@bc.edu  
Membership Coordinators Timothy Brown brownxh@bc.edu 617.655.8338
Hannah Donoghue donoghuh@bc.edu 617.655.7346
e-Buddies Emily Nyhan   617.656.4732


For questions about this webpage, please contact the webmaster at nyhane@bc.edu.