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There are many resources available for both math related research and jobs. Be sure to check back frequently!

Career Related Resources

For useful information regarding possible career paths, click here. (Many thanks to Professor Baglivo for preparing and sharing this information.)

Also, the BC Career Center blog often has useful information available for math and science majors.

Research Related Resources

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates are summer programs funded by the NSF in a variety of sciences, including pure mathematics. They vary a great deal as to style, duration, topic, and location. There are REUs for people of all backgrounds and ability levels--browse the NSF website and you're sure to find one that's a good fit. Note that some of them (Williams in particular) will provide funding for non-citizens as well.

NSF REU Math List


Hedge funds like to hire the brightest young minds, but can be hard to find. DE Shaw is known for liking math people (especially Putnam competitors), and Goldman Sachs hires quants (quantitative analysists). Some statistics/programming skills are probably be useful.


Caltech's SURF program hires tons and tons of undergrads to do all kinds of research projects, some which are pretty math-y ( ). You can also look at REUs in physics.

Math Summer Camp Counselor

Be the awesome mentor that you looked up to as a wee high school mathlete. Teaching at a summer camps is a rewarding and relaxing way to give back. Though some programs require that their counselors be alums of the specific, e.g., Hampshire Canada/USA Mathcamp , many would welcome you even if you never left your house during your high school summers. Some of the ones in the latter category would be CTY and PROMYS . The AMS list of summer programs for high school students can be found here: .

Cryptography and Communications

The NSA ( ) and the Centre for Communications Research) run summer programs in communications and cryptography. Deadlines are early (October) since these jobs require background checks.

Grad School Related Resources
Professor CK Cheung
, along with some undergrads, has put together a document with advice for how to study for the GREs.

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