Boston College Math Society


Membership Qualifications

Eligibility and Membership

  1. Student membership in the Mathematics Society of Boston College is open to any full-time Boston College student who shows a strong interest in mathematics.
  2. Membership is not exclusive to those students pursing a degree in mathematics. Students from any of Boston College's schools who are passionate about mathematics are welcome to join the Mathematics Society.
  3. Boston College faculty members of any discipline who are themselves interested in mathematics are welcome to join the Mathematics Society as Faculty Members.

Active Membership

  1. A member of the Boston College Mathematics Society shall be considered active if he or she is currently involved in any of the activities and programs offered the members of the society, including but not limited to: lectures, tutoring, workshops, discussion forums, peer networking, competition opportunities, etc.

Voting Rights

  1. The entire body of active Student Members of the Boston College Mathematics Society will have the opportunity, at the annual election of officers, to cast their vote in determining the following year's officers.

Non-Discriminatory Clause

  1. There shall be no discrimination against any individual due to race, age, religion, sexual orientation, color, sex, national and ethnic origin, disabilities, marital or parental status, veteran status, or personal history.

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