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Acing your Interview

  • Vault Guide to Finance Interviews

    Having trouble preparing for your interview? Don't know what the employers will ask you? Afraid of not knowing the answers? Don't worry! These are problems that all students face. Uploaded on this site is the Vault Guide to Finance Interviews. This guide provides you all the information you need to prepare for your interview. We recommend you to start reading it as soon as possible. Since the guide is an extremely large file, it is split into multiple pdfs for your convenience. You may have learned a lot of these topics in class but it is always nice to review it again. Good Luck! Sponsors of this guide include: Citigroup, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Northwestern Mutual, TD Securities, and UBS. Click the picture for the original source link. The Guide is on the right side of this page. Boston College also offers this guide at the Career Center website.
  • How to answer the toughest questions

    The first thing you do when you are asked to an interview is to pat yourself on the back. You've done it! They are interested in you! Do not be nervous! You should be proud and confident. If they ask to interview you they believe that you may be an asset to them. So instead of being afraid, go into the interview with a goal of showing them that they were right. You are as good as they thought! However, don't go to an interview without being prepared. This may be your only chance to show them your worth. You may be asked questions that you cannot answer immediately. Therefore, you must prepare and practice before you go to any interview. To the right are some links, guides and documents to help you ace your interview. Good Luck and be confident!