X  *Blue Events are BCFA Sponsored Events and Red Events are BCFA Suggested Events

Constitution of the Boston College Finance Academy

  • Article I. Name of the Organization: Boston College Finance Academy (“BCFA” or “Finance Academy”)

    Article II. Purpose:

      a) The Boston College Finance Academy is an event-based organization with 3 main objectives:

         1) To promote Boston College’s representation in the financial services by providing career
             resources and advice to Academy members

         2) To facilitate the recruitment process and the academic and business worlds together, by
             organizing networking trips and events

         3) To provide students an opportunity to expand his or her grasp of the field of finance through
             current events discussion and student-faculty dialogue

    Article III. Membership Qualifications:

      a) Eligibility: Membership is open to all members of the Boston College community

      b) Expectations: Members are expected to regularly attend BCFA sponsored events and required to
          pay annual dues (the specific dollar amount for each year is at the discretion of the
          Co-Presidents), which the Academy uses to cover its operating expenses

      c) Non-Discriminatory Clause: There shall be no discrimination against any individual due to their
          race, ethnic or national origin, religion, color, age, gender, marital or parental status, veteran
          status, disabilities, or sexual orientation

    Article IV. Officers:

     a) Positions: Generally, in a typical year BCFA will have 12 officers: Co-President (2), Senior Adviser,
         Treasurer, Secretary, Technical Director, Junior Class Representative (2), Sophomore Class
         Representative (2), and Freshmen Class Representative (2)

     b) Qualifications: Any member who actively contributes to the Academy and possesses the desire and
         energy to perform the responsibilities of the office is eligible to hold an officer position.

     c) Duties: All BCFA officers have the shared duties of attending weekly officer meetings, participating
         and voting in all policy matters, and executing assigned tasks. The specific expected duties of the
         Boston College Finance Academy officers are as follows:

        1) Co-Presidents: act as the formal spokesperson and representative of the Finance Academy,
            manage all BCFA events throughout the year, hold general meetings for all Academy members,
            lead weekly officer meetings to outline and execute club events and objectives, and maintain
            close contact with the faculty adviser and SPO advising dean

        2) Senior Adviser: direct the “senior mentor” peer advising program by selecting qualified mentors
            and organizing related events for underclassmen, take part in the Senior Executive Committee,
            along with the Co-Presidents, to determine the next year’s E-Board

        3) Treasurer: prepare and submit an initial budget proposal for SOFC by the designated deadline,
            attend any mandatory SOFC meetings or SPO training sessions, collect, deposit, and track the
            clubs fund raising activities, maintain records of all Academy expenditures, balance all financial
            transactions in accordance with the budget

        4) Secretary: keep accurate records of all BCFA proceedings, distribute minutes of the previous
            officer meeting to the officer listserv, and publicize Academy-sponsored events

        5) Class Representative: publicize Academy-sponsored events to the specific Boston College class,
            by distribution of advertising materials, presentation to various CSOM classes, correspondence
            with finance faculty members, so to increase Academy attendance

        6) Technical Director: ensure website functionality, maintain close contact with the other officers to
            quickly update the website whenever requested, maintain ownership and active use of the
            Academy’ e-mail account and social network presence

     d) Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy due to resignation of impeachment, the remaining officers will
         be elevated to the next officer position up, if possible. For instance, if the treasurer resigns, the
         secretary will take his or her position, and one of the junior class representatives will become
         secretary. To fill the eventual vacant position, the vacancy must be publicized, and a list of
         candidates compiled. From this list, the remaining offices will choose one. This selection must be
         the unanimous consent of the Senior Executive Board, comprising of the two Co-Presidents and the
         Senior Adviser

     e) Impeachment: An officer may be impeached if he or she has violated the constitution, consistently
         neglected his or her duties, and/or abused executive powers for personal gains. The process for
         impeachment begins with a formal complaint made by one of the Academy officers. The Senior
         Executive Committee will then review the complaint and, if necessary, discuss the matter with the
         Faculty Adviser. If the complaint is found to be valid, the Committee will meet with the accused
         officer for a hearing. Finally, the Senior Executive Committee will vote on the impeachment, and if
         there is a unanimous agreement for impeachment, the officer in question will be removed from his
         or her position

    Article V. Meetings:

     a) Types of meetings: since BCFA is an event-based organization, it does not hold regular meetings
         with Academy members, but rather organizes weekly to bi-weekly events. Still, there are two types
         of meetings that the Finance Academy holds:

        1) General meetings are held at least once a year, usually at the beginning of the first semester, to
            inform Academy members of the events for the upcoming year, announce the annual dues and
            collection times, and publicize the freshmen representative position

        2) Officer meetings are generally held weekly or at the discretion of the Co-Presidents and will
            require attendance of all officers, in order to plan and discuss upcoming events

    Article VI. Elections:

     a) Qualifications: Any member who actively contributes to the Academy and possesses the desire and
         energy to perform the responsibilities of the office is eligible to run for election

     b) Electoral Body: The Senior Executive Committee will review all applicants to each officer position,
         interview each candidate, and vote to fill the officer position. There must be a unanimous
         agreement between all Committee members before acceptance of a candidate

     c) Time: Elections for the following year’s officers will be held in April and communicated to all
         Academy members at least three weeks prior to the election

     d) Freshmen Representatives: election of freshmen class representatives will occur two to three weeks
         after the first general meeting. Interested Academy members in the freshmen class will complete
         an online application and interview for the position. The Senior Executive Committee will then
         select two applicants to fill the available officer positions

    Article VII. Amendments:

     a) Changes to this constitution can be made at any meeting. A proposal for a change must be
         presented at a meeting with at least 10 officers present. Proposals will need at least a two-
         thirds majority to pass and the consent of the faculty adviser.

     b) These proposed changes must be then submitted to the RSO team for final approval. Any
         changes made to the constitution must be approved by SPO before being considered active.

    Article VIII. Ratification:

     a) Ratification of the constitution will go into effect upon approval by the RSO team in SPO in May
         2011. It will then be reviewed at the end of each year and revised accordingly.

     b) If there are no significant changes that need to be made, the constitution will remain as is

    Article IX. Faculty Adviser:

     a) The Finance Academy’s main adviser must be a full-time teaching faculty member at Boston
         College in the CSOM finance department.

     b) His responsibilities include advising and counseling the Academy on all matters, judging all
         disputes in the event of an impeachment complaint, connecting the Academy with professional
         contacts, and acting as the formal liaison between the faculty and the Academy members.