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CSOM Advising

  • Freshmen

    You have two main resources for advising this year: your Portico professor and your Portico teaching assistants. Through meetings in and outside of the classroom, your faculty and peer advisors will assist you with this first year of transition at Boston College. Also, don't hesitate to contact one of the BCFA mentors. Their contact information can be found under the Advising tab.
  • Sophomores

    You are assigned an individual faculty advisor. During registration, you will meet with your advisor to go over courses for the nest semester and pick up your degree audit. Dean Jim Halpin serves as sophomore class dean and is available for meetings throughout the entire year. Stop by futon 360 to sign up for an appointment with Dean Halpin. Also, never forget drop-in hours and Dean's Coffee! Finally, please remember that you can contact our BCFA mentors as well!
  • Juniors and Seniors

    During junior and senior year, your advising needs are more specific and you are no longer assigned an individual advisor. Since most of your questions and concerns are focused on your field of study and the related career paths, your professors will be an excellent resource for you. In the fall, each department will offer advising events call In-Gatherings during which you can meet your faculty and get advice about courses and careers. In addition, Amy Donegan, Career Center/CSOM liaison, is available to assist you with the internship and job search. Also, never forget the value of drop-in hours and Dean's coffee every single week of the semester!