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Master of Business Administration

ABS Panda.

Throughout the academic year, ABS sponsors events aimed at helping students at Carroll Graduate School of Management develop their careers and build lasting relationships. The presidents of ABS are always open to new ideas and are willing to team up with other clubs to achieve these goals.

Current 2005-2006 Event Schedule:
Friday Sept 30th 2005 5:00-6:30pm ABS Kickoff Meeting @ Fulton 130
Saturday Oct 29th 2005 10:45am-3pm Internship & Career Planning Day - Fulton 250, Boston College
Sat Jan 21st & 28th 2006 - 1-4pm Career Strategies 2-Day Seminar

Thursday Apr 20th 2006 4-6pm* Alumni Matching Day

tbd Social event
* Actual schedule is subject to changes