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Alumni Matching Day!!! - Thur Apr 20th 2006
WSJ Article: A Good Career Move Means a Job in Asia

About the Business Bear
Named Bang Bang after the Chinese character for assistance, the little, armless bear has been adopted by ABS as its mascot. Being a giant panda, indigenous of Asia, the Business Bear is part of an endangered species with no more than 1000 members left in the wild. Preservationists across the world are working to ensure the survival of the giant panda. For ABS, Bang Bang, the Business Bear, symbolizes strength, perseverance, a sense of fun, and a precious reminder to help those in need.

Master of Business Administration

ABS Panda

The Asian Business Society (ABS) is a student-run organization aimed at promoting professional growth at Boston College through deeper understanding of relevant issues in business in Asia and among those within the Asian community in the U.S.

The ABS is committed to helping students in exploring career opportunities through pooling of international career resources, expanding professional networks, and tapping our existing Alumni connections. The Asian Business Society's mission has four main goals:

  • Assist students in career planning and development
  • Provide networking and relationship building opportunities with professionals and colleagues
  • Promote awareness of career opportunities and economic environment in both the US and Asia
  • Have fun!

ABS is open to any student who is interested in learning about the Asian region, exploring business opportunities overseas, or discussing a transition to the American business environment from an Asian one. Whatever the circumstances, ABS hopes to continue to grow this International talent pool as it provides benefits to all members.