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Food for Thought

From the AIDS AWARENESS COMMITTEE of Boston College


Enough babies are born with HIV every 18 months to fill every major hospital in America.


Half of the teenagers in 17 countries can't protect themselves against AIDS because they don't know how.


AIDS has orphaned the equivalent to every child under 5 in the US (14 million)


Nearly six million children have been killed by AIDS. That number is more than every child in every grade school and high school in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Miami and Atlanta combined


HIV infects 14,000 people every day.


Every day AIDS kills 1600 children.


As of December 2003:

40 million people living with AIDS

14,000 new infections a day in 2003


12-13 African women currently infected for every 10 African men.


70 million men, women and children may die of AIDS in the next 20 years


AIDS and HIV do not discriminate. It is devastating to people of all ages, genders, races, religions and nationalities irregardless if you're gay, straight, a drug user or not. It can reach you in the most innocent of ways and that's what makes it so dangerous. While there is no cure at this time (only treatment) for the AIDS virus, it can be prevented through education, awareness and precautionary methods.


Are you positive about being negative?


Provide knowledge, share hope.


AIDS is the 4th leading cause of death globally.


9 of 10 HIV positive individuals are unaware they are infected.


Every minute 6 young people between ages 10 and 25 are infected with HIV.


Over 50% of all new HIV infections are in people 15 to 24 years old.


What if you were living with AIDS?


Educate yourself. Educate each other.


Do something.


Choose hope over despair.


"AIDS is preventable; apathy is lethal." - - United Nations Foundation