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The Church in the 21st Century Center

Agape Latte

An engaging discussion on faith and college life

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What is Agape Latte?


"Agape" is a Greek word for a kind of love that seeks nothing in return.

Agape Latte is a monthly event designed for students seeking to learn more about faith and religion in an inviting social environment. The first Tuesday of every month in Hillside Cafe at 8:30 pm, students are treated to free desserts, coffee, and an engaging discussion.

This year Agape Latte celebrates 10 years at Boston College.

This series is sponsored by Campus Ministry and The Church in the 21st Century Center. For questions contact Karen Kiefer or call 617-552-6845.

What an agapic spring semester! If you feel the need to re-energize, visit our YouTube channel and watch our Agape Latte videos.
If you missed an Agape Latte, check out the Agape Latte videos below and visit our YouTube page! For more information on Agape Latte visit
Still of Margaret Nuzzolese

Agape Latte with Margaret Nuzzolese

February 10, 2015

Our lives are comprised of serpentine roads that can lead to new paths in our "journey of life." Along the way, we are confronted with questions reaffirming our faith and where we should be heading as a Christian disciple. Listen to Margaret Nuzzolese as she explores the questions on being Blessed, Broken, and Shared.

Still of Sam Sawyer and Michael Rossmann

Agape Latte with Sam Sawyer, S.J. and Michael Rossmann, S.J.

September 30, 2014


Listen to Jesuit Post start-up co-founders Sam Sawyer, S.J. and Michael Rossmann, S.J. discuss how young Jesuits in formation, writing about faith and culture, in a way that’s accessible to their peers.

Still of Jack Dunn

Agape Latte with Jack Dunn

November 5, 2013

Baggage and regrets can hold us back from becoming our true selves.  Let go and let God in.

Still of Fr. Jeremy Clarke

Agape Latte with Fr. Jeremy Clarke, S.J.

October 1, 2013

"A G'Day for Faith"

Listen to special Agape Latte guest speaker, Fr. Jeremy Clarke, S.J. shares his viewpoint on faith.

Still of Coach Addazio

 Agape Latte with Coach Addazio

April 23, 2013

Listen to special Agape Latte guest speaker, Coach Addazio share his passion for life and faith.

Still of Mary Troxell

 Agape Latte with Professor Mary Troxell

March 19, 2013

Listen to Mary Troxell discuss her "favorite mistakes" made throughout her life's journey.

picture of Agape Latte at Hillside Cafe