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BC Honors Programs

Presidential Scholars participate in the Honors program of the undergraduate college appropriate to their major field. The Honors programs of the University allow gifted students to pursue an integrated and comprehensive liberal arts curriculum in seminar format under the stimulating tutelage of the University's most gifted professors. In their freshman and sophomore years students in all four schools will take the four-semester, six credit Western Cultural Tradition course. This course is a multidisciplinary course that fulfills the University Core requirements in literature and writing, philosophy, theology, and social science. During their junior year, students take an advanced seminar called "The Twentieth Century and the Tradition," where they explore in depth the important questions raised by the Honors Course, "Western Cultural Tradition." As seniors, they prepare an Honors thesis on a topic related to any academic discipline of the University.

For more information about the A&S Honors program, click on the link below:
College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program


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