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BCNC Tutoring Program

Neighborhood Center

Our BCNC Tutoring Program matches students from the Allston-Brighton community with Neighborhood Center volunteers for one on one tutoring with their school work. The students range in age from elementary school through high school. A commitment of two hours of tutoring per week is required. Most tutoring takes place late afternoon in on campus.

Additionally, as a participant in the BCNC Student Tutor Community, you will have the opportunity, with fellow BCNC tutors, to:

~Reflect on tutoring experience, connect with other tutors, acquire skills and new insight to improve your ability to be an effective tutor AND mentor.
~Get more out of your tutoring experience through BCNC
~Apply what you have learned from your involvement/experience as a tutor to other facets of your BC experience and life in general.

This community building opportunity will require your attendance at one BCNC led meetings a semester. Workshop topics will include discussions of educational interest, tutoring tips and social justice related issues. 

If you are interested in becoming a BCNC Tutor, please check back with us later in the summer  for more information contact us.


If you are a parent looking to register for a tutor for your child, please check back with us in September.


BC volunteer tutoring student at the Neighborhood Center.