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Available Grants

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Visiting Scholars
The purpose of this Visiting Scholar program is to bring scholars from other institutions to share with the academic community at Boston College the fruits and the challenges of their own research. Resources will be made available to those academic units (e.g. departments) within Boston College, individually or in groups, that wish to make use of this program. Visiting Scholars will normally meet with faculty and students and also be available for some public appearances during their time at Boston College. Grants of several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the circumstances and the nature of the Scholar's visit, will be made available. Any academic unit at Boston College, either individually or in consort with other units, may apply.
Further information forthcoming.

Visiting Jesuit Lecturers
In cooperation with both the Jesuit Community at Boston College and various departments of the University, the Jesuit Institute brings Jesuit scholars to Boston College for a brief time. Each Visiting Jesuit Lecturer normally gives one or more public lectures and is also available to faculty and students for seminars, colloquia, and other forms of conversation as seem appropriate to the nominating academic body. The general goals and criteria established for the Institute's Visiting Scholar program are also applicable here. Any Jesuit scholar whose research is judged of significant interest to members of the Boston College academic community is eligible. The amount available for any one nomination will vary according to expenses.

Academic Retreats
The program of Academic Retreats supplies resources to the various academic communities of Boston College that wish to reflect on the religious dimensions of their own discipline. Funding will be provided to support a one- or two-day retreat for any academic unit in the university choosing to participate in the program. Every academic department or unit in each of the colleges and professional schools is eligible to apply for funding for such an academic retreat.

Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminars
Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminars are constituted by members of the Boston College Faculty, and they meet each month to discuss issues that repay collaborative inquiry. The religious commitments of Boston College draw attention to any number of important human issues that encourage exploration from a variety of academic disciplines. These seminars on faith and culture will have as their end point the overall service to the university in the form of some tangible outcome: a conference, a book, or a program. The seminars are appointed by the Director of the Jesuit Institute in consultation with the executive committee.