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The Jesuit Institute

at boston college


Theology stained glass window in Gargan Hall.    Stained glass, Bapst Library   Fine arts stained glass window in Gargan Hall.


The Jesuit Institute was established in 1988 to support the Jesuit, Catholic character of Boston College precisely as a university. Initially funded by the Jesuit Community and then by subsequent generous donations, the Institute works in collaboration with existing schools, programs and faculties primarily, but not exclusively at Boston College. Within the atmosphere of academic freedom and colleagueship essential to a university, the Institute contributes positively to the intellectual life that constitutes Boston College by promoting research and collaborative interchange upon issues that emerge at the intersection of faith and culture. The various programs of the Institute support the exploration of such religious and ethical questions and sponsor the presence on campus of scholars committed to these questions.

As the Institute has carried on its work, however, it has found a demand within the Catholic intellectual community to do more. The Institute is determined to meet the need, and is therefore seeking additional funding that will advance its goal of bringing the Catholic and Jesuit intellectual tradition into dialogue with all of the forms of contemporary culture.