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Emergency Management and Civil Response

Boston, MA & New Orleans, LA: May 3 - 13, 2011


The cities of Boston and New Orleans hosted a group of thirteen individuals from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for a ten-day study-visit.  The participants included relevant policymakers and practitioners from health, environmental and public safety agencies in addition to relevant government officials from Ireland and from Northern Ireland.  The program’s seminars and visits engaged the participants in a discussion with their American counterparts that examined strategies for dealing with large-scale civil crises including natural disasters, pandemics, transportation accidents, and terrorism. Among other issues, the program focused on planning and preparedness, inter-agency connectivity, crisis communication, short-term population resettlement, and the effective utilization of volunteer responders.  These interactions also provided the group an opportunity to exchange best-practice strategies and to create professional networks with each other and with their U.S. hosts.

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