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From the Director

Thank you for your interest in our work at the Irish Institute.

Since 1998, the Irish Institute has become the premier gateway for Irish and Northern Irish professionals seeking executive education in the United States in a wide variety of fields. Our staff frequently collaborates with BC Ireland at 43 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, a major gateway for U.S. professionals seeking to connect to Ireland.

Our exchange program affords all the benefits of attending a top U.S. university, with nationally and internationally recognized strengths in education, business, and Irish Programs. It offers a deep and committed network of Boston College alumni, who often function as program hosts; the ability to explore greater Boston - a thriving metropolitan area that includes industry leaders in all sectors; and the opportunity to be welcomed in a community predisposed to Irish culture.  

Participants often describe their involvement in Irish Institute programs as the best investment they have made in themselves and their organzations. Connolly House, where the Center for Irish Programs is housed, provides the reflective space that mid-career professionals need to reflect on their own work individually and with others, and becomes the first locus for networking and solidifying bonds with like-minded colleagues. Participants return home with a set of relationships that are of benefit as a support network both personally and professionally for the future.

We are always open to new program ideas, so please do not hesitate to be in touch if you think the Boston College experience might be of benefit to you and your colleagues--our door is always open.


Dr. Robert M. Mauro