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Global Leadership Institute

Global Leadership Institute

at boston college

Connecting Leaders Across the Globe


Passionate. Engaged. Innovative. Sound like you? The Global Leadership Institute at Boston College offers dynamic programing for professionals looking to expand their areas of expertise and meet other like-minded individuals.

Through our custom designed and open enrollment programing, the Global Leadership Institute empowers you to reflect on your career, connect with influential leaders in the field, enhance your skills, and learn cutting-edge techniques.

Come explore our programs and see for yourself what the Global Leadership Institute can do for you.


Upcoming Events

  • March 24 - 28: University of Ulster Executive Leaders Program
  • April 30 - June 7: Rule of Law Professional Fellowship Exchange
  • May 20 - 31: GUST Innovation and Negotiation in International Business Management
  • June 2 - 6: University of Ulster Developing Managers