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The GAA Oral History Project

The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Oral History Project, based at Boston College-Ireland, has been commissioned by the GAA as part of its 125th Anniversary celebrations. The project aims to record the fullest possible picture of what the GAA has meant to the Irish people, in their own words. The project will record face-to-face interviews with thousands of people in Ireland and around the world, including GAA members, supporters, and anyone who has ever had contact or involvement with the GAA.

The history of the GAA is a people's history. In an organisation of volunteers, the thoughts of ordinary members and supporters should be included along with those of champions and high-level officials. We have, alive in Ireland today, a group of people who can tell us exactly what it was like to play hurling with Christy Ring, or cycle to Croke Park from Kerry for the All-Ireland final. We need to preserve as many of those voices as we can.

The project aims to represent the views, opinions and memories of the members of all the organisations under the umbrella of the GAA, including Ladies Football, Camogie, Handball, Rounders and Scor.

In addition to recording interviews, and in order to reach the largest number of people possible, the GAA Oral History Project is providing questionnaires that may be competed and returned. If preferred, a letter or email about the place of the GAA in people's lives may also be sent.

We want to hear the opinions and stories of everyone, not just Irish people at home, but Irish people abroad as well as people of different nationalities who have lived in Ireland or come in contact with the GAA at some point. This project is designed to be all-encompassing. Our plan is to develop an archive that represents every viewpoint on the GAA; good, bad, and indifferent. You do not have to know a great deal about the GAA or have a lot to say in order to participate. Without your help, your story, and the story of your club and your country, cannot be told.