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Roisin Higgins

irish sporting heritage project

Roisin Higgins
Roisin Higgins



MA (Hons) Modern History, University of St Andrews.

Ph D Modern History, University of St Andrews.


Having completed a PhD on the radical nonconformist newspaper the British Weekly Roisin got her first lectureship in Economic and Social history at the University of Manchester, then moved to lecture at the University of Edinburgh. On returning to Ireland she worked in University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast before moving to Boston College-Ireland.


Roisin is currently working on the Irish Sporting Heritage project which has been building an inventory of historical and contemporary sporting sites across Ireland. The project is funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and has produced an online searchable database for use by the general public. Roisin is also undertaking educational outreach including school projects for Transition Year, Leaving Certificate History and Leaving Certificate Geography and public lectures for local history societies, libraries, museums and sports organisations.

Members of the public can send information to the project using the website, by email or by post to:

Dr Roisín Higgins

Irish Sporting Heritage

Boston College-Ireland

42 St Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2.

Places to Play: Ireland's Sporting Heritage (written with Mike Cronin) will be published by Collins Press in autumn 2011.

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Ireland and Australia Bi-lateral Research Group on ‘Memory and the uses of the past’. This is funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Australian Academies of the Humanities and Social Sciences. A symposium and workshops will be held in Sydney, Canberra and Dublin involving Irish and Australian scholars in 2009 and 2010.