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The Business, History, and Politics of Sport

Boston College-Ireland’s three week summer studies program in Ireland: The Business, History and Politics of Sport is a great opportunity for students to travel abraod while receiving course credit. The University's unmatched connections with leading scholars at Irish universitites, in the sports and business sectors, as well as BC's own renowned Irish studies faculty, make this a particularly worthwhile trip for students with an interest in business, history, and the politics of sport from an Irish and European perspective.

Please visit the Office of International Programs website for detailed information about course content, application, deadlines, and expenses.


summer program students in Ireland
summer program students in Ireland

Summer 2016

Four OIP Summer Programs will be offered through Boston College Ireland next summer.


Saturday 4th June-Sunday 31st July 2016

The Dublin Summer Internship Program provides students with a summer experience that will assist in their professional development as well as introduce them to an international work force through first-hand interaction. Successful candidates will exhibit a clear focus regarding their interests and goals, thoughtfully prepare for their internships in advance of their arrival, and must be prepared to work hard. There are placements available to satisfy almost every academic and professional interest, within most associated industries.

The Business, History and Politics of Sport
Professor Mike Cronin, Boston College Ireland
Saturday 4th June-Sunday 26th June 2016

Sport is one of the most wide-ranging industries in the world, with an estimated global turnover of $300 billion per year. It is regularly cited as one of the fastest growing businesses today. The aim of this course is to understand the historic origins of sport, how it has functioned in different cultures, and why it means so much to so many people. We will explore how sport is represented in literature, in films, and through advertising, while also examining the darker side to sport, such as inappropriate links to politics and problems associated with drugs and cheating. Additionally, this course will highlight a range of potential job opportunities and will appeal to any student with an interest in sport or in pursuing a career within the world of sports.  Through visits with those currently working in the industry, students will gain a meaningful understanding of the contemporary business that sports represents.

Aviva stadium, Ireland
Aviva stadium, Ireland

Decoding Ireland's DNA
Professor Clare O’Connor, Biology Dept
Saturday 4th June-Sunday 3rd July 2016

This course will introduce students to the principles of genetics set against the unique background of Ireland. Since earliest times, human history has been shaped by man's manipulation of genes. A country's history is in many ways a story of changes that occur in the DNA of the people and other living organisms that inhabit its land. We will learn how information in genes produces traits, how genes are transferred between generations, how migration and selection affect the diversity of populations and about new genetic technologies that are transforming 21st century life. Course excursions and activities will provide real-life context for the principles discussed in class.

Ireland: Past, Present, and Future
Professor Joe Nugent, English Dept
Saturday 23rd July-Sunday 21st August 2016

2016 is a very exciting year in Ireland’s celebration of its past as we recall the Easter Rising of 1916 and Ireland’s march to, at least partial, freedom. The course will celebrate this time of memory and memorial by exploring Ireland’s rich heritage of revival and revolution, then turning our informed gaze to its exciting future. Through its poetry and drama; its novels, short stories, sounds, images, and film, we’ll engage as actively as possible with the past. The Irish Revival, the Celtic Twilight, the rise of Irish nationalism, and the subsequent War of Independence are on our agenda as we explore the century that brought Ireland to where she stands today.

BC summer students in Ireland
BC summer students in Ireland