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Internships in Dublin

bc-i summer internships in dublin

Summer Interns-BC Ireland
Interns in Dublin. Photo: Claire McGowan

Boston College-Ireland invites B.C. students to take advantage of its status as the pre-eminent American university in Ireland by applying for a Summer internship in Dublin.  The Program consists of two months in the Irish capital and placement in one of a wide range of Dublin's professional fields.  Combining invaluable workplace experience with unparalleled opportunities for experiencing Irish and European culture, the Boston College Summer Internship in Dublin is a fantastic way for students to spend their summer.

Please visit the Office of International Programs website for detailed information about Dublin internship placements, applications, deadlines and costs.

Summer interns at BCI
Summer interns at BCI

Summer Internships in Dublin

Boston College Ireland invites BC students to apply for a Summer Internship in Dublin.  This highly competitive, two-month program offers students practical, international work experience and rich opportunities for personal and professional self-development.

BC summer interns are placed across Dublin’s diverse field of employment, working 35-40 hours per week in unpaid internships. They are encouraged to tailor their application to reflect their interests within the broad fields of government, business, and the arts.

While working and living in Dublin, BC interns may spend a free weekend or two traveling around other parts of Europe. However, most intriguing are the unrivalled opportunities to interact with the Irish people and to explore both the contemporary and historical cultures of Ireland.  The vibrant city of Galway is just a few hours from Dublin by bus. From there, the Cliffs of Moher or The Aran Islands (off the coast of Ireland) are easily accessed. Students will experience traditional Irish music along with the Gaelic language that continues to thrive on Ireland's Atlantic seaboard.  Other possibilities for travel around the island include the medieval capital city of Kilkenny, the rugged terrain of the south in Cork, or the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast.

Successful candidates will possess a clear vision of their interests and goals, will engage with the Dublin office in a professional manner, having thoughtfully prepared for their internships in advance of their summer arrival, and are ready to work hard.  the internship program is a highly competitive one and places are limited so early interest and applications are encouraged. There are no placements in hospitals or laboratories of any kind. Please note theat the Internship program is open only to students who have completed their second year of college.

The Dublin Summer Internships are part of the comprehensive catalogue of the Office of International Programs study abroad programing opportunities. Please contact Ms. Erin Shevlin, Summer and Internships Program Manager, to schedule an informational or advising appointment., (617) 552 6869.

Summer students in Ireland
Summer students in Ireland