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Boston College-Ireland

about bci

Boston College Ireland (BCI) serves the community of Boston College students, alumni, faculty and friends while supporting study abroad students in Ireland and offering summer study and internship options. Based in two beautiful Georgian buildings, dating from the 1740s, BCI is located at 43 St. Stephen's Green in the heart of Dublin.

During the academic year, Boston College Ireland hosts students participating in weekly Irish Studies classes. In addition, it supports a cultural program that enables visiting students to optimize their visit to Ireland.

Over the summer, BCI offers a number of summer studies programs, drawn from a wide range of disciplines. Programs have focused on the fields of business, law, literature, sport, biology and chemistry. In addition to classroom enrichment, summer students engage in a rich and varied cultural experience as they travel throughout Ireland. Boston College also hosts an eight-week summer internship program which is the most extensive overseas internship offered by BC and affords students the opportunity to experience employment in sectors such as business, government, sport, non-profit, education and culture. Throughout their stay, students are guided by BCI staff and afforded a broad calendar of social and cultural events.

Academically, Boston College Ireland remains closely aligned with the University's Irish Studies Program and has become a leader in the provision of large-scale public history programs. In recent years, Boston College has completed the GAA Oral History Project, the Irish Sporting Heritage Project and a real-time online exhibition exploring the experience of the Irish in Gallipoli. Boston College is a key partner with the Irish Government in delivering online content relative to the Decade of Cenenaries, which marks the tumultuous events of a century ago in Ireland. Century Ireland is available online through 2023.

Boston College Ireland looks forward to welcoming the entire Boston College community to Dublin for its 2016 football match against Georgia Tech, which will be hosted at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Boston College study abroad students in Ireland
Boston College study abroad students in Ireland

Why study abroad?

The study abroad  experience offers students exposure to new fields of interest outside of their typical learning environment, while affording them total immersion in a new culture. International study is a lifetime experience that permits students to gain awareness of cultural diversity as well as an understanding of international and local issues. Research has shown that students who have engaged in international study or employment during their university years are regarded by prospective employers as a more desirable addition to their work force than those who have not. More than half of BC undergraduates, from all schools and departments, study abroad for a semester, a full academic year, or during a summer program.

Why study in Ireland?

Ireland is located on the edge of Europe, and has historically maintained many links with the US, forged in large part by the emigration of its people. Ireland is a traditional country with a deep sense of cultural and native pride.  Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, is the primary site for BC summer programs. Located  on the east coast of the island, with a population of just over one million people (and one of the youngest populations of any major European city), it has emerged as one of the  most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Boasting a rich historical background, it offers many amenities including local festivals and other cultural attractions.

Boston College-Ireland is the Dublin home to members of the BC family; students, faculty, and alumni. Located in the heart of the city, the St. Stephen’s Green property is a stunning Georgian building with enough space for class, events, and meetings. BC-I staff strive to provide stimulating and creative summer programs that may be enjoyed by visiting BC students and faculty. Whether it’s knowing where to find the tastiest Irish stew or the best gifts to commemorate your visit, or learning the historical context behind Dublin’s many attractions, our BC Ireland staff is happy to assist.


Boston College students in Ireland
Boston College students in Ireland