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Boston College-Ireland

about bci

Boston College-Ireland is led by Academic Director Mike Cronin (D. Phil) and staffed by Head of Programmes Thea Gilien, with Programs Coordinator Clair McGowan. BC-Ireland staff report directly to University Professor of History Thomas E. Hachey, Executive Director of The Center for Irish Programmes.

BC-Ireland is the Dublin home to all members of the BC family. Students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to visit and make use of this lovely facility on St. Stephen's Green.

With a full calendar of events, BC-Ireland hosts a lecture series, a three-week summer school course, and an eight-week summer internship programme.

BC faculty have discovered Dublin, and BC-Ireland, as the gateway to Europe. Along with Tom Hachey and Mike Cronin, they are forging new links throughout Ireland and Europe. Our facility at No. 42 St. Stephen's Green frequently hosts a variety of meetings, conferences, and receptions. We look forward to seeing more of our Boston colleagues here in Dublin.

BC-Ireland is host to several Irish academic institutions. We are the home of the Irish Historical Society, whose monthly meetings we host, and we annually welcome the Women's History Association of Ireland. We also serve as the venue for several book launches each year.



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Boston College-Ireland
42 St.  Stephen's Green, Dublin 2,