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About the Center for Irish Programs

The Center for Irish Programs brings together all Irish Initiatives at Boston College. It oversees the Irish Studies program, the Irish Institute, the Burns Library Irish Collections, Boston College-Dublin, and the Gaelic Roots Program.

Boston College was founded, in part, to educate the sons of Irish emigrants who settled in Boston. Today, the Center for Irish Programs continues this important aspect of the University's mission and heritage. Through our links within the academic, business, non-profit, and government communities of both Ireland and America, the Center seeks to support the many Boston College students, alumni, and friends with an interest in Ireland and all things Irish.

As the public face of the University's Irish initiatives, the Center for Irish Programs serves as a clearinghouse of information on all Irish-related events at BC. Our Dublin facility has hosted numerous academics from Ireland and America, as well as innumerable civic and political leaders from Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United States, and Great Britain. The Center is especially proud to include Boston College graduate and undergraduate students in many of its events.


Connolly House

Connolly House, headquarters of the Center for Irish Programs at Boston College.