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Center for Irish Programs

boston college

Burns Library at Boston College   Dublin, Ireland   BC Eagle, Gasson Hall

About the Center for Irish Programs
The Center for Irish Programs at Boston College brings together all University Irish initiatives. It has oversight responsibility for the Irish Studies Programs, the Irish Institute, the Burns Library Irish Collections and the Centre for Irish Programmes - Dublin. The Center, and this website, serve as a clearing house for information on Irish related programs and events at Boston College...more

Director of Irish Studies Programs:
Oliver P. Rafferty, S.J.

Center for Irish Programs
Connolly House
300 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Centre for Irish Programmes, Ireland
42 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2


HQ of The Center for Irish Programs   BC Center for Irish Programs - Dublin   St. Patrick window at the Center for Irish Programs

Irish Studies
Irish Studies at Boston College is part of the Center for Irish Programs. Founded in 1978, BC's Irish Studies program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Irish culture and society. The program offers an undergraduate minor in Irish Studies and an MA in Irish Literature and Culture. The graduate programs in English and History also attract, train and successfully place outstanding PhD candidates who wish to integrate Irish studies into their disciplines...more

Irish Institute
Working under the auspices of the Center for Irish Programs and in close connection with the Irish Studies Program, the Irish Institute makes use of cross-campus and local resources to facilitate rewarding personal, corporate, and professional educational exchanges with the goal of promoting a more lasting peace on the island of Ireland. The Irish Institute hosts officials and policymakers from Ireland and Northern Ireland for professional development programs in areas such as government, non-profit, bu siness, and education...more