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The Institute for the Liberal Arts

Major Grant Awards

institute for the liberal arts

Academic Year 2013-2014

Kathleen Bailey, Political Science
with faculty from Law, Theology, History, and Fine Art
Funding for project on Empowering the Women of Afghanistan through Education and Islamic Teachings. $17,500

Pamela Berger, Fine Arts; and Dana Saijdi, History
Funding for music programming in connection with an interdisciplinary course on the art, history, and poetry of the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian cultures of al-Andalus. $3,200

Jeremy Clarke, History; Sheila Gallagher, Fine Arts; Patricia Riggin, Theater; and Vlad Perju, Law School

Interdisciplinary project  “China Watching,” amount to be determined.

Lisa Cuklanz, Communications
with Annabel Martin, Dartmouth College; MariaJesus Pando, University of Deusto, Maria Pilar Rodriguez, University of Deusto

Project on visual culture, media, and gender. In 2013 offering a three-day symposium on visual culture and gender focused on film and news media in international contexts. $20,000

David Deese, Political Science
with Jennifer Erickson, Political Science, and faculty from Economics, Law, Sociology, Theology, History

Continued funding for the project on human development, including lunch seminars on the state, society, and culture in development and a one-day colloquium with speakers from the Boston area. $14,700

Elizabeth Graver, English
with Regine Jean-Charles, Romance Languages and Literatures and AADS; Rhonda Frederick, English and AADS

Final year of funding for a three-day residency in creative writing, to bring Edwidge Danticat to give a reading and work with students. $25,000

Sandra Hebert, Music
working with Honors Program faculty

Second year of funding for the Callithumpian Consort in residence, $24,500. Core students in the residency. Otherwise, this is an excellent proposal that we’re happy to fund.

Michael Noone, Music
with Bridget Burke, University Librarian for Special Collections, and T. Frank Kennedy, the Jesuit Institute

Support for collaboration with Boston College Libraries to record a CD of and prepare pedagogical materials for a music manuscript, Morales’s Missarum Liber in Burns Library. Will bring the Ensemble Plus Ultra to campus and will involve students in the project. $25,000

Joseph Nugent, English/Irish Studies
with Marjorie Howes, English, and Christopher Boucher, English

Continued funding for the Boston area Joyce Forum events including the Finnegans Wake reading group  and an annual Boston area Joyce Symposium. $13,500

James O’Toole, History

Support for fifth biennial Boston College conference on the History of Religion. $7,704

Evangeline Sarda, Law School
with faculty from the Graduate School of Social Work and Lynch School of Education

Continued funding of course on Public Interest Leadership, Law, and Social Justice at Boston College as well as a workshop on Authority, Leadership, and Social Justice. We’re happy to provide continued funding, a total of $7,000, for those efforts.

Owen Stanwood, History
with David Quigley, History; Paul Lewis, English; and
Carlo Rotella, English

Funding for field trips and other activities for a new year-long team-taught course on “Boston: History, Literature, and Culture.” $12,300