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The Institute for the Liberal Arts

Major Grant Awards

institute for the liberal arts

Academic Year 2015-2016

Thomas Oboe Lee, Music
with faculty from Law, Theology, History, and Fine Art
Funding for Concert Program featuring work by BC faculty composers and alumnus • $4,500

Eileen Sweeney, Philosophy
with Boyd Coolman, Theology; Steve Brown, Theology; Robert Stanton, English; Eric Weiskott, English; Robin Fleming
, History
Conference on Anselm of Canterbury • $14,000

Richard Albert, Law School
with Ali Banuazizi, Political Science; Owen Stanwood, History

Conference on “The Age of Revolution: Political Revolutions and Revolutionary Politics” • $24,725

Prasannan Parthasarathi, History
with Ling Zhang, History; Penelope Ismay, History; Robin Fleming, History; Juliet Schor, Sociology; Brian Gareau, Sociology; Susanto Basu, Economics; Peter Ireland, Economics
Conference on Economic History in the Anthropocene • $22,911

Paul Lewis, English
Interdisciplinary course on “Boston: History, Literature, and Culture I-II” • $5,000

Mary Cronin, Information Systems
Planning for Interdisciplinary Minor, “Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good” • $7,500

James O'Toole, History
Funding for the sixth biennial Boston College Conference on the History of Religion • $7,600

Michael Noone, Music
Funding for week-long residency for Ensemble Plus Ultra • $20,000

Ralf Gawlick, Music
Funding for programming related to string quartet exploring issues of memory, identity, and Kurdish ethnicity • $20,000

Yonder Gillihan, Theology
Funding for Maccabees Project: Dialogue Series • $10,250

Brian Gareau, Sociology
Funding for events related to the Pope’s encyclical on the environment in fall, 2015 • $25,000

David Hollenbach, S.J., Theology
Funding to bring Michael Delaney of Oxfam to co-teach course on Human Rights, Humanitarian Crises, and Refugees • $6,750


Gasson Tower
A speaker addresses the crowd at an Afghanistan After 2014 event
Flowers on the Boston College campus planted in the shape of the letters B and C
A seminar takes place in the ILA building at 10 Stone Ave