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The Summer List

This guided summer program for high school and first-year college students presents supplementary materials to selected Jesuit readings.

Fr. Casey Beaumier's Book A Purposeful Path: How Far Can You Get with $30...

The Summer List’s inaugural text is A Purposeful Path: How Far Can You Get with $30, a Bus Ticket, and a Dream? Written by Casey Beaumier, S.J., and available through Loyola Press, the book explores the Jesuit tradition of begging pilgrimages through Beaumier’s own experience. Part modern travel adventure, part memoir of finding one’s true calling, A Purposeful Path invites young adults to actively seek out their own trails, going out to explore the unknown in themselves, and learn that by being honest and open with God, others, and themselves, a true life's calling awaits.

The companion reader guide, written by Kevin Spinale, S.J., provides a brief synopsis of the book, consideration of the notion of pilgrimage (both in the Christian tradition and as experienced by Beaumier), and a variety of resources and questions to prompt and complement classroom discussion.

Spinale is a Jesuit scholastic and moderator of the Catholic Book Club at America.

The book and its companion guide are now available through Bulk orders of more than 150 books and companion guides are available for a discounted price.

Any questions or suggestions for future titles and themes may be sent to the Institute either by e-mail (with “Summer List” as the subject) or by phone (617-552-2568).