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Certificate in Jesuit Studies

This academic program promotes a deep, informed understanding of the spirituality, history, and leadership methods associated with the Society Jesus and its apostolates.


The graduate courses offered through the expanded Certificate in Jesuit Studies program present a variety of opportunities for participants to develop a deep, informed understanding of the spirituality, history, pedagogy, leadership methods, and other aspects associated with the Society of Jesus and its apostolates.

This academic program offers a unique blend of immersion travel and online and on-campus courses along with a concluding leadership seminar to provide a distinctive experience for individuals desiring both a depth of knowledge and a set of leadership skills.

The Certificate program’s schedule is flexible. Participants earning at least 15 credits--including the leadership seminar--will receive a Certificate in Jesuit Studies from Boston College.

Individuals not pursuing a Certificate may also apply to engage in any aspect of the program (for example, taking a single online course or participating in the immersion travel), with the exception of the leadership seminar. Earned credits, however, still may be applied towards a Certificate later.

Further details on the program are available online. Please contact the Institute with any questions.


"Following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius and--through the courses and the unique leadership seminars--learning about the fascinating and often surprising history of education as a ministry within the Society of Jesus transformed my understanding of my work as an administrator at a Jesuit university. Even more, the experiences have since empowered me to help my colleagues on campus grow in their own spirituality and sense of vocation as educators."

-- John Sebastian, Certificate alumnus

Vice President for Mission Ministry, Loyola Marymount University