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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Daniel Kanstroom

Books, Selected Chapters, and Op Eds




Deportations and RepatriationsTHE OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN SOCIAL HISTORY (forthcoming 2011);

Deportation Nation, NEW YORK TIMES (Op-ed), August 30, 2012;

Immigration Law: Current Challenges and the Elusive Search for Legal Integrity; in Michael D. Greenberg and Alan M. Pampanin, eds., IMMIGRATION PRACTICE MANUAL (Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education 2012);

Deportations and Repatriations, The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History (ABC/CLIO 2011;

An Encyclopedia of Anti-Immigration in the United States (various articles) (ABC/CLIO 2011);

Loving Humanity While Accepting People: A Critique and a Cautious Affirmation of the “Political” in U.S. Asylum and Refugee Law;  in David Hollenbach, ed. , DRIVEN FROM HOME: PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF FORCED MIGRANTS (Georgetown U. Press 2009);

Immigration; in Winslow, ed. COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES OF CRIME (Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education 2009);


Marcello v. Bonds: The Story Behind the Longest, Most Expensive, and Most Futile Deportation Case in U.S. History, in IMMIGRATION STORIES, Foundation Press (2005)

Immigration Law: History, Challenges, and the Noble Agenda, in IMMIGRATION LAW, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. (2004)

COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES OF CRIME, Immigration Law As Social Control: How Many People Without Rights Does It Take To Make You Feel Secure? Routledge Press (2004)

THE OXFORD COMPANION TO AMERICAN LAW, Oxford University Press,  Immigration (2001)

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, SUPPLEMENT II, The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (1999)

Dark Undertones of the New Nativism: Peter Brimelow and the Decline of the West, in Perea, ed. IMMIGRANTS  OUT! THE NEW NATIVISM AND THE ANTI-IMMIGRANT IMPULSE IN THE UNITED STATES, New York University Press  (part of this chapter is also re-printed in Delgado, ed. CRITICAL WHITE STUDIES: LOOKING BEHIND THE MIRROR, Temple University Press (1997)

State Department v. Ray:  A New Tilt In The Balance Between Freedom of Information and Privacy?, PREVIEW of United States Supreme Court Cases, Issue 1, 1991-92 Term

Co-author of chapter: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Offenses in MASSACHUSETTS CRIMINAL DEFENSE, E. Blumenson, ed. 1992; 1993 update

Selected Recent Articles

Alien Litigation as Polity-Participation: The Positive Power of a Voteless Class of Litigants, WILLIAM AND MARY BILL OF RIGHTS JOURNAL 399 (2012);

Panel Two: Should there be Remote Public Access to Court Filing in Immigration Cases? FORDHAM LAW REVIEW (2012);

A Voteless Class of Litigants: Noncitizen Participation in the Polity, 21 WILLIAM AND MARY BILL OF RIGHTS JOURNAL 399 (2012);

Deportation and the Right to Counsel: Padilla v. Kentucky and the Construction of the “Fifth and a Half “Amendment, 58 UCLA L. Rev. 1461 (2011);

Padilla v. Kentucky and the Evolving Right to Deportation Counsel: Watershed or Work-in-Progress? 45 NEW ENGLAND L. REV. 305 (2011);

"Passed Beyond Our Aid:” U.S. Deportation, Integrity, and the Rule of Law, FLETCHER FORUM OF WORLD AFFAIRS 35, no.2 (Summer 2011): 95-107;

Should There Be Any Change to the Existing Rules on Access in Immigration Cases?   79 FORDHAM L. REV. 104 (2010);

Should There Be Remote Public Access to Court Filings in Immigration Cases? FORDHAM LAW REVIEW (2010);

Legal Ethics, Torture, and the “Task of the Good Lawyer:” Mukasey Agonistes;   BOSTON COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW JOURNAL (2009)

Sexuality-based Asylum Claims: A Few Answers, Many Questions (published in Spanish version by University of Santiago, Chile Human Rights yearbook 2009)

On “Waterboarding”: Legal Interpretation and the Continuing Struggle for Human Rights, BOSTON COLLEGE THIRD WORLD LAW JOURNAL (Spring 2008);

Post Deportation Human Rights Law: Aspiration, Oxymoron or Necessity? STANFORD CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL LIBERTIES LAW REVIEW (Spring 2007)

Reaping the Harvest: The Long Rhetorical Struggle over Deportation in the “Nation of Immigrants”, UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT LAW JOURNAL (Spring 2007)

Sharpening the Cutting Edge of Human Rights Law, 30 BOSTON COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW JOURNAL 1 (2007) 

The Better Part of Valor: The REAL ID Act, Discretion, and the “Rule” of Immigration Law, 51 NEW YORK LAW REVIEW 161, (Fall 2006)

Legal Lines in Shifting Sand, BOSTON COLLEGE THIRD WORLD LAW JOURNAL, (Winter 2005)

America Goes Global, FAMILY ADVOCATE, Vol. 27, No. 2 12-14  (Fall 2004)

Stories From Immigration Practice, FAMILY ADVOCATE, Vol. 27, No. 2 27-32  (Fall 2004);

Criminalizing the Undocumented : Ironic Boundaries of the Post-September 11th "Pale of Law,” 29 NORTH CAROLINA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AND COMMERCIAL REGULATION,  639-670 (2004)

Vivre dans une “Nation d’immigrés” ? Les États-Unis après le 11 septembre, GAZETTE DU PALAIS, Paris, France, September 11, 2003 (special issue)

From the Reign of Terror to Reining in the Terrorists: Defining the Rights of Noncitizens in the Nation of Immigrants, 9 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW, 47-108 (2003)

"Unlawful Combatants” in the United States: Drawing the Fine Line Between Law and War
HUMAN RIGHTS 30: no.1 (Winter 2003): 18-21

St.Cyr or Insincere: The Strange Quality of Supreme Court Victory, 16 GEORGETOWN IMMIGRATION LAW JOURNAL 413-464 (2002)

Introduction, HUMAN RIGHTS (Winter 2001)

Deportation, Social Control, and Punishment: Some Thoughts About Why Hard Laws Make Bad Cases, 113 HARVARD LAW REVIEW 1890-1935 (June, 2000)

Deportation and Punishment: A Constitutional Dialogue, 61 BOSTON COLLEGE LAW REVIEW 771-788 (July, 2000)

Wer Sind Wir Wieder?  Laws of Immigration, Citizenship, and Asylum in the Struggle for the Soul of the New Germany, 18 YALE J. INT'L LAW 155  (Winter 1993)

The Shining City and the Fortress:  Reflections on the "Euro-solution" to the German Immigration Dilemma, 16 B.C. INT'L & COMP. L. REV. 201 (Winter 1993)