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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

PDHRP Pro Bono Panel

The Post-Deportation Human Rights Project is the first and only legal advocacy project in the country to systematically address the rights of deportees.  Through legal strategies, policy advocacy, and research, the PDHRP aims to return legal predictability, proportionality, compassion, and respect for family unity into the deportation laws and policies of this country.

We ask for your assistance in representing individuals who have been removed and hope that you will be a partner in developing the field of post-deportation law.  If you would like to be a member of the PDHRP Pro Bono panel, please complete the following form and a PDHRP attorney will follow up with you as cases arise.

If you are new to post-deportation law, PDHRP Supervising Attorney, Jessica Chicco, will provide you with extensive mentoring and legal assistance.  We welcome you as a legal partner in the struggle for justice for deportees and their families

Pro Bono Attorney Information

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Immigrant Visa Processing
Non-immigrant Visa Processing
Post-Departure Motions to Reopen
Vulnerable Populations (victims of crime, mentally ill individuals, minors)
Civil Rights Violations
Due Process Violations
Post Conviction Relief

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Immigration Court
Local state/city court
Board of Immigration Appeals
Federal Court

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Would you be interested in working with our local community partner organizations on their immigration related concerns?


Thank you for agreeing to be part of the PDHRP Pro Bono Panel!